Semi-Pro Product

Broadcast Kit™ – (portable/wearable back pack)

This all-in-one wearable backpack kit allows users to Live Internet Broadcast to their own public/private Media Center channel (Your Website) via LAN, Wi-Fi, MiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE.

Channel operators can manage advertising, promotions, video links, breaking news, business, all of which can be delivered via public or private operation.

Use all web-based video sharing tools, snippet and embed codes, channels, online media centers, uploaders and more. Add your own HQ/HD to this kit.

Operating instructions are included. When the Internet Uplink speeds are above 512Kbps users can enjoy HQ/HD over the Internet Streaming. Our One-Touch No-Bump™ Codec keeps your encoding session connected 24/7 or whenever users wish to go live.

A playlist will play your previously recorded content to viewers when you are not live which also allows users to manage and schedule their own programming.

HQ/HD over the Internet (Upload/Download) is considered anything over 512Kbps (480p) 768Kbps (720p) 1148Kbps (1080p).

This product will incur an additional monthly fee associated with the end user license agreement or EULA that will allow for live, continuous or delayed 24/7/365 broadcasting.

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