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What RF transmitting facilities are available in this kit?

Q: What RF transmitting facilities are available with the broadcast kits? A: IFB Compatible. RF Networks include 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, Third Party BOND Solutions. For diagrams, click here: Workflow, click here:

What are the supporting applications?

Q: What are the supporting applications? A: We support encoder VC1, GoLive Kit GUI version 6E, Windows Operating System. The rest is Do-It-Yourself, anything Windows compatible. For diagrams, click here: Workflow, click here:

How does live streaming transmit from a backpack? (Receiving end)

Q: How does live streaming transmit from a backpack? (Receiving end) A: A receiver can either be an end user viewer embeddable online video player, or our digital video router DCV. Broadcast Kit Solutions: Eye Kit:


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