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Broadcast Kits: Automatic Archiving is available with the proper GoLive package.


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"Did you know single 3G USB Modem is capable of Transmitting Up/Down 3.1 Mbps?"

Doug Watkins

Kit's Starting at $9,995

Transmit Fees
Viewership & Fees


1 Battery & Charger
3G, 4G Ready
Media Center Links
Channel Playlists
AdX Manager
Google Analytics
No Bump Off Codec
Continuous Playlist
Auto Archive
Much More

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The Broadcast Kit comes with highly specialized solutions in video sharing, snippet & embed codes, channels, online media centers, uploaders and more.  

The Broadcast Kit will do HQ/HD if the Internet Uplink speeds are above 512Kbps.   HQ/HD over the Internet can get confusing, but without getting too technical, HQ/HD over the Internet (Upload/Download) is considered anything over 512Kbps (480p) 768Kbps (720p) 1148Kbps (1080p) 

3G will transmit HQ & HD in some cases. Even Retro Fit your kit with a 3G Bonding System. When wearing your broadcast solution you can broadcast anywhere even with poor . We give you SAT, WiFi, LAN 3G and 4G. Use these around town, in the arena, trade show environment as a fleet and much more.

Highly Affordable, Broadcasting directly to the Cloud with your dedicated 24/7 IPTV Channel embedded on your website.

Learn More. See the UT 2010 Case Study.

DCV - Receiver


Transmit Fees
Viewership & Fees

Reduces Delay
Transmits in HD, SD/SDI
Network: LAN, WiFi

This is a Head-End Device, For Clients who have their own network, truck, arena, dedicated 2 sec. low latency.


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Live, Mobile, Portable, Wearable Broadcast Kit Backpack: One Touch OperationThe Broadcast Kit Backpack!
Mobile, Rugged & Wearable!
The power of a News Van in a Broadcast Kit!
Tablet-Based Transmitter, The Tablet Broadcast Kit!Private Label Broadcasting!
Tiny Computers, Large Implementations!
Channel Manager included!