Our technology extends the capabilities of Websites to include Multimedia

You can offer Real Time Interaction to your listeners, viewers friends and fans. Do this all on your own website keeping them on longer!!!

Great for WordPress and Joomla CRM.

We Bridge Real Time TV & Websites with Your Social Media for a Next Generation Multi-Media Online TV Experience..

Media Centers are easily integrated into your website. We would love to get the process started today.

(Or you can just get an ADX Account and Promote using Banners on the Networks of Channels

The following A through H Open Source Modular Positions can help guide and design you in creating your own media center for your website. Of course we will do it all for you if needed.

Box “A” Is the Video – Audio Player – Archive – On Demand Control Box. See Below
Box “B” Header – Logo or Slogan, Graphic or Text (640×82)
Box “C” Upper Right– Slogan, Graphic or Text (300×82)
Box “D” Right – ADX, Slogan, Graphic or Text (300×100)
Box “E” Right – ADX, Slogan, Graphic or Text (300×250)
Box “F” Right – ADX, Slogan, Graphic or Text (300×100)
Box “G” Right – ADX, Slogan, Graphic or Text
Box “H” Right – Youtube Video Wall ADX, Slogan, Graphic or Text


Software Suite of Online Cloud-based Tools:

A Suite of Online Tools for Broadcasting Hardware and Software Integrations. Viewers can automatically watch broadcasts through individual or multiple web sites through our public distribution networks unless they want a private Channel URL.  TV Stations can broadcast our IPTV Streams through traditional Terrestrial “Over-the-Air” Cable TV Networks

Media Center:

The Media Center includes a full IPTV Video Player System and management tools so the channel operator can monetize web site and Mobile IPTV Video Applications. The Media Center also allows channel operators to embed channel player code and shortcodes within social networks in order to provide links to public and private video content. Dedicated IPTV Channel URL (address of your IPTV channel on the world wide web)

A Dedicated Single Channel Access Point that when combined with a statistical engine, Google Analytics, AWStats, etc. allows clients to enjoy seamless mass
comm unica tions without  the need of a web developer.

Our offering allows users to collect statistics on viewer habits and spot trends.

Also connect and embed within social networks. Our dedicated URL channel approach provides benefits to channel management and which allows customers to effectively manage their growth and scalability.

Online Playlist Management System:

Playlist managers manage the individual features of the IPTV Channel(s) assists in Uploading (ingesting) Video/Audio and allows for playlists to be Continuous Play,
Random Loop, and Newest to Oldest in order and linked to Pay-Per-View, Password Protected, Expiration Security Playlists and individualized content.

ADx Branded Advertising System:

Allows customers to manage up to seven different banner advertisement locations that can be used to link and track content clicks and acquisitions by viewers from website pages in which the ad system is embedded.  The ADx advertising system allows users to monetize their channel through sponsorships and other merchandise or service advertising links.

Prospector CRM Software:

This built in CRM or Customer Relationship Management system allows the customer or channel operators to keep client notes, records, lists, bid and invoice clients, outside broadcasts, newsletters, text message alerts for viewers and clients.

Permanent Channel Number/URL:

The permanent channel number allows viewers to easily locate and view channels either by name or by number.  Media Centers allow for Public/Private (QOS) Viewing / Transmitting; 24/7/365 Viewing/Programming; Transcoding Options Compatible with Mobile Devices and software encoders that can be deployed in seconds; HTTP encoding may be transcoded into Flash for H.264.

With the permanent channel technology channel operators will find that that there is no need for a firewall or the assignment of a new IP Address each time they need to do additional broadcasts.
The following technology and features are included in all Media Centers: Live or Delayed Broadcasting, Fixed Position or Mobile, Viewing can either be Public or Private, the Video Feed is Embeddable and Sharable, Scalable, Live or Pre-Produced Content Delivery and Archive, allows for 24/7/365 Continuous Playback or On Demand or Pay-Per-View, Open Public Viewing or Password Protected, Content Expiration.

  • Channel Types include:
  • Continuous Play
  • Random Loop
  • Linear Loop (default)
  • Cross-Linked Channels

All of which can be supported by Advertising or 100% ʺYour Brandʺ Channel(s)

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