Go Mobile! Live broadcast Anytime, Anywhere to!
Stream constantly to your own website, even while completely mobile (like driving down the highway, following your favorite band while they broadcast live from the tour bus on the road, real time daily’s for film-makers, remote live events, weddings and more.)

“No-refresh” technology streams un-broken to Any device! Check Out Our Solutions


Broadcast Kit’s are designed to connect to your own cloud system or a DCV server receiver on your own private or dedicated IP network.

Rugged, Affordable, Mobile, Efficient Live Broadcast Equipment using emerging disruptive IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) Technology. SPEEDSTREAM.TV manufactures and sells Wearable IPTV Broadcast Systems.

DCV Reciever

The 1U Rack Mountable DCV reciever plugs into your switcher for ‘on the fly’ editing.

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Broadcast Kit Solutions

Our line of completely portable, wearable Backpack Broadcast Kits™ currently come in four models that allow broadcasters of any skill set to find a broadcast kit that is right for them. Read more

Semi-Professional Solutions

Starter Kit Backpack 

Starter Kit Backpack by SPEEDSTREAM.TV

Includes built in rechargeable batteries and a Composite Video capture system. Read more

Hero Kit Backpack 

Hero Kit Backpack by SPEEDSTREAM.TV

Includes built in rechargeable batteries and HD Equivalent Video Capture System. Read more

Professional Solutions

Catalyst Broadcast Kit

Catalyst Kit Backpack by SPEEDSTREAM.TV

includes Anton Bauer battery with charger.   This broadcast kit is DCV Receiver ready which allows Television Stations to plug directly into their Headend Switch. Read more

Eagle Eye Broadcast Solution

Eagle Eye Solution by SPEEDSTREAM.TV

Includes Anton Bauer battery with charger.  This broadcast kit is DCV Receiver and BGAN Satellite System ready. 

These professional kits when combined with the DCV Receiver allows TV Stations to plug the video feed directly into their Headend Switch and when used with the BGAN Satellite System to transmit remotely from anywhere. Read more

Product Descriptions

See Live Broadcast Workflow

The DCV Receiver Server comes with 5 options:

  • Web (Public Internet)
  • BaseBand Intercept, iPTV to SD/SDI
  • Point to Point – Low Latency, 1 sec per node.
  • Point to Multipoint – Low Latency, 1 sec per node.

Broadcast anywhere in the world with our Microsoft SilverLight IPTV solutions. Connect via 3G, 4G, LAN, WAN, WiMAX, LTE and SAT with rugged, reliable and scalable equipment.

Real time Automatic Archiving is available to speed-up the desktop video publishing process.

This Kit includes everything you need to broadcast anywhere in the world. 


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