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SPEEDSTREAM.TV  sells, and distributes, the only wearable end-to-end, one-touch solutions, for communicating and broadcasting using Audio and IPTV technology. 

The broadcast kit system has gone through many changes.  If you are familiar with us, it is time to give us another look. Our opportunity to provide solutions comes through our humble beginnings.

Speedstream.tv never had the major sources of funding "like the big boys of the streaming industry."     Our unique value product allows for low start up as well as low maintance costs. It is mobile, flexible and user friendly for both user and viewers.  Our clients are the investors and give the organization value.

Our corporate design is based upon the concept of a partner network using an open source platform. We are just starting in this young industry and we believe the best is yet to come. Our goal is to share this technology with everyone placing potential in their hands.

One-touch live broadcasting was the ultimate goal of our first generation broadcasting kits.   These vintage kits are still in operation 8 years later.   Rugged construction, solid state computing and high heat fanless features have kept them running strong.¬∑        

Many people that purchased the original broadcast kits learned that they can configure the kit to work with multiple providers, facebook, youtube and custom hosting.    MMS, HTTP. RTSP. RTMP, ONVIF, WEBM, Roku and FireTV, XBox, Playstation, Android, Windows, MacOS, iOS and more...

We bundle together a complete software suite of broadcasting tools, Hardware and software setups via an open framework and open architecture.   In other words, connect and broadcast anywhere you have an internet connection. We blend these with traditional online broadcast features such as camera, video and audio switchers. Click here to see a back pack in action.    

Technology that is robust enough to satisfy the professional broadcaster, but easy enough for the citizen journalists¬∑        

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